Monday Odds & Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Every morning whether we ask him to or not, semi-well-dressed intern Ralph Lee sends us a list of round-up items. Usually we throw them away, along with his dreams of getting a real job here (ha ha, sucker) &#151 but today he’s found some dandies. Without further ad-doo (get it?), here they are.

&#151 Don Draper is losing his grip on reality, thanks to some serious drugs. link

&#151 Ads are coming to Google Maps. Oh joy. link

&#151 The U.S. Census Bureau is spending $300 million with DraftFCB this year. Do we get a tax write-off for that? link

&#151 Ladies, you’ve got advertising’s full attention. link

&#151 RKCR/Y&R wins bread company Warton’s (yawnsticle). link

&#151 According to The Australian, online advertising is making its comeback. link

&#151 This report that says Twitter users are twice as receptive to ads sounds totally friggin’ bogus. link

&#151 Voiceovers are to advertising what the 1993 Chevy Silverado is to the automotive industry: clunkers. link

&#151 Kids studying at the VCU Brandcenter can expect to learn about interactive TB advertising (aka channel-change-prevention-tactics). link

&#151 Subliminal (buy) messaging (this) really (hat) works! link

&#151 We were mentioned in the New York Times &#151 which I’m told is an important publication. link

&#151 ‘What Happens Here Stays Here’ is coming back to Las Vegas’ advertising. Can someone explain why it left? link