Monday Odds & Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

&#151 @bmorrissey on trends in social media; listening tools, gurus and white space. link

&#151 Merck handed its $600 million media biz to a handful of IPG agencies. link


&#151 The IAC’s announced their 2010 winners. Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Biggs|Gilmore was the big winner. link

&#151 “Trends are perceptions that manifest as behavior.” link

&#151 USA TODAY knows what America wants. link

&#151 As with the rise of pot use, so follows weedvertising. link

&#151 Starbucks and cyanide. There’s no connection. link

&#151 FNC thinks it’s upscale. Hahahaha. Yeah, and this is a “news” site. link

&#151 The most annoying advertising character of all time is the Noid. There are 12 more. link