Monday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

Hillary Clinton‘s campaign recently launched this “Silo” ad (video above) featuring former nuclear missile launch officer Bruce Blair, which calls to mind the classic “Daisy” spot Lyndon Johnson ran against Barry Goldwater.

-The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) is launching a group targeting multicultural marketing called the Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing, or AIMM.

-Tokyo labor inspectors concluded that the suicide of a Dentsu digital accounts employee in Japan last year was related to overwork. She reportedly worked 105 hours of overtime during a one month period.

Sean Duggan, vice president, advertising sales at Pandora, says, “Political Campaigns Need to Embrace Digital Media, If They Haven’t Already.”

Derek Walker of brown and browner advertising says, “The advertising industry needs to face its diversity problems, and stop blaming others.”

-Walrus appointed Mel Stern as media communications director to lead its new media department. 

-Former Ogilvy & Mather CEO Miles Young (he stepped down last year to become Warden of Fellows of New College at Oxford University) thinks he knows “How advertising can regain its swagger.”