Monday Odds and Ends

By Erik Oster 

-CP+B Scandinavia launched “The Father of Quality Lager” for Carlsberg, showing how the Carlsberg Research Laboratory rebrewed “the world’s very first quality lager” (video above). 

At least one person thinks Marks & Spencer needs to blame itself rather than RKCR/Y&R for its business problems.

Why do all your clients want to make “documentaries” now? (Hint: because they don’t want to make real ads.)


A study finds that many clients are a little ignorant when it comes to digital marketing. The ANA thinks agencies should educate them.

-Bicoastal production company Chelsea Pictures added director and photographer Erik Madigan Heck to its roster. 

The new thing among clients will be Snapchat lenses, because everybody wants to waste a couple of seconds satisfying “what would I look like as a poorly-designed CGI Storm?” curiosities.

A newspaper in Pakistan set up an algorithm to flip all of its commenters’ posts so all their negative sentiments were positive and vice versa. Does that sound familiar to you?

Miami agency RockOrange named Miami Institute of Art and Design graduate Sam Rodriguez as its new creative director.