Monday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Universal Music Group awards 100 million pound European media business to WPP’s MediaCom. link

-AT&T apparently now blaming the iPhone for poor network health. link


-Meanwhile, AT&T’s ad war with Verizon actually benefited both brands. link

-Facebook employees discuss the 20 best and worst things about working there. link

-Few Google users have opted out of behavioral targeting. link

-Breckenridge Brewery spoofs Coors ads. link

-McDonald’s finds a new way to kill appetites in Japan. link

-Watch out Pirelli. Wild Turkey has its own calendar of fetching gals for 2010. link

-Coke Zero launches a novelty Facebook app. link

-Virginia-based firm BCF was named AOR for Anheuser-Busch resort Kingsmill. link

-MTV Networks promoted Kevin Arrix to EVP of digital ad sales. link

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