Monday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-Is Jay Leno sabotaging NBC programming (not that it could get any worse)? The NY Times analyzes the domino effect of the debatable funnyman’s new show. link

-Y&R San Francisco launched a celebrity-driven campaign for

-Glam Media hired former top Yahoo ad exec Josh Jacobs as SVP, Brand Advertising Products & Marketing. link

-Agencies are breaking away from ad networks. link

-Dr. Dre endorses a new HP notebook. link

-A comScore study reveals that 10% of U.S. display ads are locally targeted. link

-Select states are trying to put a squeeze on advertising. link

-Tribune Co. launched a new national marketing effort to promote its new Tribune365 group. link

-OOH ad firm Titan and MySpace have launched a global digital community project called “Step Up to the Mic”. link

-Roger Sterling doesn’t want a sanitation department in his Manhattan ‘hood. link

-AdWeek picks the brands that best leverage Facebook as well as those who don’t. link

-Flickr reached the 4 billion mark in uploaded photos. link

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