Monday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

Hey so your weekend is over and now you’re counting the minutes until you have another 37 seconds of Saturday and Sunday. Here to help you zip through finding what you should be reading is the Odds & Ends roundup; us.

&#151 Microsoft is pitching Razorfish to Omnicom, WPP, Publicis, IPG and Dentsu, according to the WSJ. The sale might come with some snazzy Microsoft analytics stuff. link


&#151 But AdWeek says, “nay, Microsoft shan’t sell thine wunderkind.” I made that quote up, but yeah that’s what they’re saying. link

&#151 Sponsored Tweets are, and let me be clear about this, a terrible idea. link

&#151 The Michael & Michael show on Comedy Central will plug products with live ads. Just makes me want to spit. link

&#151 Finally, the USB powered chainsaw is here. link

&#151 Everyone who works at BestBuy is the same (read: sucky). link

&#151 This is where we’ll be tonight. link

&#151 Lookie! link

&#151 Fuck. Maura Tierney (pictured), our favorite actor from Newsradio, will have a tumor removed from her breast. link