Monday Odds And Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

The end of last week was capped off with the grim news that JWT Chicago is closing its doors, probably, unless the Illinois Bureau of Transportation account could be retained and then a satellite office would be kept open. The agency is the first major player to shut its doors during this eerie time, and indeed it had been holding on for a long time. That’s good news for JWT New York, in a certain way, which will pick up the leftover work and probably be hiring some folks before long. So after you read today’s news, send your book to your friend Natalie or whoever. Carpe Diem!

&#151 Social media marketing; the next ‘blogging’ jobs link

&#151 Those SNL skits about Activia where Kristen Wig plays Jamie Lee Curtis are hilarious. But there’s nothing funny about not pooping, and now Dannon is getting sued. link

&#151 Are you and your agency super broke? Here’s some tips on how to save at Cannes. It’s contrive as hell, but worth a read for arich folks who are going to pretend to be poor over there. link

&#151 Nissan doesn’t sell cars anymore, they sell “mobile devices” (MDs) that have four wheels, doors and an engine that propels the MD forward, to the left, right, backward etc. Ha ha this lame campaign cost $20 million! link

&#151 Fast & Furious, the sexy-ass testosterone filled action flick that brought a lame franchise back from the dead is making tons of money and HA all you naysayers, we told you so. link

&#151 Here’s some thing about the Cannes Lions. link

&#151 American Apparel is back taking pics of young girls’ asses again. link