Monday Morning Stir

By Kiran Aditham 

We were off the grid yesterday, so apologies for missing the sad news that after his long battle with lung cancer, Mike Hughes, who essentially became the face and creative force of The Martin Agency over the course of his 35 years at the Richmond, VA operation, passed away yesterday morning. As has been widely reported, prior to his death, Hughes beat the world to the punch by penning his own obituary on his Unfinished Thinking blog, in which he’s been documenting his cancer battle over the last year. Hughes’s autobiographical obit is a touching, humble reflection on both his personal life and career, providing a view into his character and definitely worth reading.  Martin Agency chairman John Adams Jr. has posted his own thoughts on the agency’s homepage, which you can read here.

Hughes’s passing brings to mind a note we mentioned earlier this year from Martin CCO Joe Alexander to the late exec that perhaps provides further glimpse into the latter’s character. It reads:

“Last year, I approached the St. Paul School Board about a scholarship in my dad’s name. He was a lifelong educator in St. Paul and really felt teaching was his “calling.” They loved the idea and I’m happy to say we have a first winner. It’s an annual award that will be given to a minority male graduating senior who has committed to majoring in education in college. Just thrilled about this. Wanted to share with you because I know how much you love this kind of stuff – and yeah – I love impressing you, too. That never gets old. Love you, Joe”


We’ll leave Hughes with the solo Stir spot this morning. Look for the rest of the day’s tidbits in our afternoon Odds/Ends roundup.

(portrait above from Mike Hughes Hall at VCU Brandcenter – via).