Monday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-72andSunny Sydney’s latest campaign asks the most important question: did you check eBay?

-Y&R tells The New York Times that its attempts to “embed” teams in Middle America have “been used in pitches to win new business.” It won’t say which accounts those might be.

-Advance Auto Parts signed The Richards Group for creative and 360i for media/analytics after a review.

-What do clients want today? Ad Contrarian says they’re looking for “the fruits of advertising without the cost of advertising,” which sounds about right.

-Speaking of costs, Facebook is not going ad-free anytime soon.

-Here’s a fun image from an event in Finland called Visualizing Knowledge that shows us exactly how long social media “terms of agreement” documents can be—and how unlikely consumers are to read them.

-And for some brand synergy, a Deadpool promo poster posing as a political ad on election day in Lebanon comes complete with a dick joke.

-Turns out most agencies don’t really understand how GDPR will affect them.

-Brands scared of YouTube and Facebook are now turning toward gaming apps as literal safe spaces.