Monday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-Start the week with an electro-pop reminder to check yourself for breast cancer before World Cancer Day from London agency Nice and Serious.

-Minneapolis shops like mono, Periscope and Carmichael Lynch are ready for their closeups this Sunday even thought none of them have national ads in the game.


-The NYT’s blockbuster story on social media fraud named several prominent people who’ve spent money on fake followers, including “advertising executive Jordan Zimmerman.” But tells us 98% of his current fans are real…

-Adweek takes a deep dive into BBDO’s M&M’s Super Bowl spot starring Danny DeVito.

-What could you buy for the cost of a $5.2 million Big Game ad? A Brooklyn brownstone or a whole lot of digital media exposure.

-More changes at The Martin Agency as its London office will now serve only one client, UPS.

-Bank of America predicts “muted growth” at holding companies this year. Shocking.

-Meanwhile, Morgan Stanley says Amazon’s advertising business is no threat to the Duopoly, because it focuses on promotions and couponing rather than standard creative.

-But Amazon has something that Google and Facebook don’t: your credit card number and your entire purchase history.

-Oh, also. Mother London turned 21 on Friday and we totally missed it.