Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Oh look, nerds: it’s Sansa Stark in the newest pretentious AF Burberry “short film.”

Bill Backer–or the guy who actually made “Hilltop” for McCann before Don Draper took credit like a typical hack–has passed at the age of 89.

-The New York Times is a little concerned about the future of good old TV advertising.

-But then media is even more screwed: a near-majority of people who read stories on the face book don’t even know which outlets published them.

-We blame Millennials. They just can’t make up their fucking minds!

-Wunderman global CMO Jamie Gutfreund understands them, though. Thank god someone does.

-In more Inappropriately Dressed Young People news, Calvin Klein seems to be mocking the social media backlash to its upskirt #MyCalvin ad on Instagram. And the model in question is totally cool with it.

-mcgarrybowen’s holding company Dentsu warns that 2016 will be slower than 2015 was.

-Applebee’s is betting big on wood-fire grilled steaks in its brand relaunch. People love steak, right?