Monday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

BMW | Gran Tourer – Robot from Greek Street Studios on Vimeo.

-FCB Inferno and Greek Street Studios recruited a classic robot for the new BMW U.K. campaign.


Grey global creative chairman Per Pedersen argues that awards make advertising better.

Headphones are apparently making agencies less productive. Thank god Slack makes up for it!

The TV advertising model isn’t going to change too much…according to a bunch of people whose careers depend on that being true.

Advertising Week panel decides that publishers who track readers’ use of ad blockers are breaking the law. Is this how legal disputes are resolved in Europe?

Should agencies limit their employees’ weekly hours? Area old man shares his opinion.

More About Advertising theorizes that Martin Sorrell‘s legacy may be inspiring shareholders to take on a larger role in determining executives’ pay.

-CP+B U.K. and international CEO Richard Pinder says, “Creativity is the building block of education.”