Moms Bring the Slang in Havas’ Latest for Hefty Cups

By Erik Oster 

Havas Worldwide Chicago launched a new campaign for Hefty cups featuring party-loving moms dropping some unexpected slang phrases.

In fact, the spots, which rolled out today on the brand’s Facebook page, seem to cram in as much modern day slang — such as “on fleek,” “turnt,” and “bae” as possible, with truly cringe-worthy results. Of course, cringe comedy was clearly what the agency was going for here, but some may question whether it succeeds at the comedy part or if it tries just a little too hard. Three spots follow the same basic formula, with an average-looking suburban mom speaking about partying it up while using some rather unexpected language, followed by the hashtag “#partyhardmoms” and metal music leading into a shot of a Hefty cup, promoted as “Now crack resistant.” While the “Party Hard” approach makes sense for the brand, that the branding doesn’t occur until the end of the ad could prove problematic, especially considering that the cringe-factor means some people will tune out well before the spot’s conclusion. The ads do deserve a little bit of credit, though, for taking a shot at the one-dimensional mom stereotypes that are still prevalent in advertising.

“Traditionally mothers are cast in one light: wholesome caregivers for their children,” Lynnette Hinch, director of marketing for Hefty Cups, told Adweek. “But the reality is moms are much more complex and multifaceted.”


Client: Hefty
Campaign: Party Hard Moms
Agency: Havas Worldwide Chicago
CCO: Jason Peterson
GCD: Ecole Weinstein
CD: Shelby Georgis
Copywriter: Matt Bush, Kristi Lira
Art Director: Katie Rogers
GAD: Lisa Evia
AE: Christina Banuelos

Production Company: One Thousand Percent
Directors: Antonio Santos, Phil Pinto
Producer: Kris Rey-Talley
Music: Trentino

Post Production: Studio 6/Chicago
Executive Producer: Lauren Shawe
Producer: Jordan Sider/Kara Weinert
Editor: Steven Mach/Kelsey Moher
Senior Audio Engineer: CRC, Mark Ruff
Color Grade: Studio 6/NYC, Peter Berthold
CG/Graphics: Feral, Jon Gallo