MOFILM and A Taste of Space Tell Two-Sided Love Story for Cornetto

By Erik Oster 

MOFILM and A Taste of Space launched a lengthy online spot for ice cream brand Cornetto telling a high school romance from two different perspectives, entitled “Two Sides.”

The ad focuses on two best friends who both want the relationship to advance to the next level, but are worried that they aren’t on the same page. It opens on Josh attempting to psych himself up. “As soon as she sits down, ask her to the prom,” he thinks. After the introductory “Act 1,” viewers are given the opportunity to switch back and forth between Josh’s perspective and Carly’s, an approach which calls to mind W+K London’s “The Other Side”for the Honda Civic Type R last year. The story is essentially a high school romance, full of miscommunications, teenage awkwardness and prom drama.

Its gimmick of switching perspectives doesn’t add a whole lot to the story that couldn’t have been accomplished in other ways, as its nuances are apparent almost immediately, as is its eventual conclusion. It does allow viewers to see how Josh and Carly are essentially on the same page, but that would have been pretty clear without the interactive element. At over ten minutes (although significantly less, depending on how much you switch perspectives), the ad drags out its story, taking far longer to resolve its conflict than it could have. Still, Cornetto hopes the tale of prom angst will hit home with the high school students that are its clear audience, and probably the only group who won’t roll their eyes at the problems of its protagonists.



Client: Cornetto
Agency: MOFILM and A Taste of Space
Creative Director: Lorie Jo Trainer Buckingham
Creative Team: James Copeman, Lorie Jo Trainor Buckingham Ben and max ringham
Customer Relations Team: Rebecca Sykes
Strategic Planning: Rebecca Sykes and Lorie Jo trainor Buckingham
Agency Productor: Rebecca Sykes and Rosalind Wynn
Production Company: ATOS