M+M’s Create Faux Mini-Movie to Discourage Cell Phone Use in Actual Movies

By Bob Marshall 

People who use cell phones in movie theaters are annoying. So annoying, in fact, that some other people argue that cell phone use in movie theaters should literally be punished by death, though that may be a bit extreme according to law enforcement and those that cherish human life.

For some reason, otherwise rational human beings have a tendency to abandon logic upon entering movie theaters. Perhaps it’s the cover of darkness that detaches individuals from their transgressions, as otherwise measured requests like “Hey, will you shut the fuck up?” are routinely answered with, “Why don’t you come over here and make me, fuckface?” Then children cry and Cars 2 is ruined for everyone, which wouldn’t have been such a big deal had we not spent $30 on concessions. (That’s where they get you.) Thus, our nation’s fine cinema chains are forced to accept the fact that humans loses empathy for one another once the previews start. That’s where America’s favorite anthropomorphic M+M’s come in.


Not only is this mini-movie from BBDO NY groundbreaking because it’s “the first time all six beloved M&M’S spokescandies have been featured together in one spot,” but it actually features accompanying fake movie posters (see after jump) plastered around theaters that will surely disappoint your children when you have to explain to them that it’s only an ad. (“But you said you wanted to see Cars 2! What the fuck!”) Credits after the jump.




Agency: BBDO New York

Client: Mars/M&M’S

Title: “Trailer”

Chief Creative Officer: David Lubars

Executive Creative Director: Tim Bayne
Executive Creative Director: Lauren Connolly
Senior Art Director: Eduardo Petersen

Senior Copywriter: Christopher Cannon

Senior Producer: Regina Iannuzzi

Junior Producer: Samantha Errico

Senior Account Director: Susannah Keller

Account Director: Carrie Lipper

Account Manager: Tani Nelson

Production Company: Traktor

Director: Traktor/Sam

Producer: Richard Ulfvengren

Head of Production: Rani Melendez