MKG Founder Launches Parent Company Pineapple Co

By Erik Oster 

MKG founder Maneesh K. Goyal — a.k.a “P. Diddy’s Party Guy” — announced the launch of Pineapple Co, a parent company designed to accelerate the growth of Goyal’s current roster of businesses, including MKG, Brooklyn-based scenic fabrication shop Pink Sparrow, boutique branding agency 214 and company-culture consultancy Live in the Grey.

“Pineapple Co was created to leverage the unique spirit of openness, creativity, and hospitality that has been a key component to the success of our existing companies,” explained Goyal. “As CEO of Pineapple Co, I will be able to focus my energy on scaling our growth, and maintain the flexibility to discover, and develop new ventures.”

As result of his new role as Pineapple CEO, Goyal will step down as MKG’s president. He announced that Tracy Bussan, who became managing director of MKG New York in May of 2014, would succeed him as MKG’s new president.

“Tracy is an extraordinary leader, who has been instrumental in the growth of the business, by modeling and cultivating the creative ideas and corporate culture that sets MKG apart,” said Goyal. “Looking back on MKG’s growth since I founded it 13 years ago is both humbling and inspiring. I look forward to collaborating with Tracy to make the next 13 years equally exceptional.”