Mizkan Group Launches Review for Ragú, Bertolli

By Erik Oster 

Mizkan Group, who acquired Ragú pasta sauces and Bertolli olive oil from Unilever last year for $2.1 billion as part of its consolidation of food brands, is now launching a creative review for the two brands, Adweek reports. The brands spent $32 million in measured media last year, according to Kantar Media, but that number could jump given the change in ownership.

In a statement, Mikzan Group said the brands were “beloved by consumers, and the R&B Foods team is excited to begin the journey of accelerating growth for these iconic brands.”

According to Adweek’s sources, the review is down to a handful of finalists, with Mizkan Group expected to choose one global agency for both brands. The review, which being managed by Joanne Davis Consulting in New York, is expected to conclude sometime this month.