Mistress Jumps Around for VH1’s Dating Naked

By Erik Oster 

Los Angeles agency Mistress teamed up with production company Bastard for a spot promoting the second season of VH1’s Dating Naked.

The spot, entitled “Love is in the Air,” shows couples jumping in the nude, with one catch: they are filmed in slow motion, at 1,000 frames per second. Not exactly high-concept, the spot shows couples jumping, embracing, slapping each others’ posteriors, spraying silly string, whipped cream and champagne. There’s really only so much you can do with the idea, and Mistress explores all the options in the ad’s 60 seconds. Why the concept, which Mistress described as “a graphic visualization of the insight that it is all about our true selves, finding true love—without all the bullshit,” had to be stretched to a full 60-seconds is far from clear, as it could have made its point in half the time or less.


Client: VH1
Agency: Mistress
Production Company: Bastard
Director: Bob Hope
Editorial: Bastard
Editors: Kyle Stebbins and Ian Kalmbaugh
VFX: Kyle Stebbins
Sound Design: Lime Studios
Engineer: Sam Casas
Partner/CD: Damien
Art Director: Rachel Guest
Copywriter: Celine Faledam
Producer: Kay Lynn Dutcher
Brand Director: Tor Edwards
Brand Manager: Kylie Wu
Project Manager: Alex Clewell