Mistress Helps NOS Kick Your Ass

By Patrick Coffee 

LA’s Mistress, which we recently saw “testing the water” for client Finlandia and hiring an S&M troupe for its fifth anniversary party, has a “breaking” campaign for energy drink client NOS today.

In a 90’s action movie appeal to an audience that’s young, dumb, and full of…something, the client shies away from “big stunts, big logos, big-name athletes and big-hype” in the :30 spot “With This NOS I Will.”

Its copy encourages viewers to “smash the world with a sledgehammer” and, we presume, an extra dose of caffeine:

Now imagine that ad with 6-12 percent alcohol.

The second spot in the campaign stars retired Canadian fighter Georges St-Pierre or GSP (not to be confused with GPS), who adds a few taglines of his own including “forego all fear” and “tear today to shreds.”

You were waiting for him to say “no retreat, no surrender,” weren’t you? That’s another martial artist.


Agency: Mistress Creative
Production Company: The Directors Bureau
Director: Ryan Hope 
Managing Director: Lisa Margulis 
Executive Producer: Elizabeth Minzes
Producer: Benjamin Gilovitz
Director of Photography: Masanobu Takayanagi 
Edit Company: Union Editorial 
Editor: Ryan Boucher
Original Music
Ari Balouzian & Ryan Hope
Sound Design & Mix
Lime Studios
Sound Designer/Mixer: Matt Miller
Voice Over
VO Artist: Joshua Dov
Executive Producer: Lexi Stern 
Creative Director: Paul O’shea 
Producer: Abisayo Adejare
VFX Supervisor: Gizmo Rivera 
VFX Team: Mark Holden, Syam Karumathil, Marc Steinberg
Colorist: Richard Fearon MPC London.