Missed Wrath of Cannes (Like Us)? Here’s the Afterwrath

By Kiran Aditham 

Though yours truly was sidelined by injury (stupid tennis), the folks behind Wrath of Cannes (aka Woods Witt Dealy & Sons, which made their presence known at the actual Cannes) were kind enough to send over the tidbits from the event, where “Cannes-tent” was viewed and judged at Kabin in NYC’s East Village. Hey look, I think I see my old cohort Matt Van Hoven among other ad folk.

Anyhow, the winning work (below) comes from Vinny Garbellano and Mark Forsman, who study under former BBDO CD Frank Anselmo at the School of Visual Arts and conjured up this iPhone app that’s essentially a drunk driving test. The Johnny Cash track is an ideal, nice touch. The runner-ups meanwhile were former Anselmo students Hez Kim and Jang Cho, whose work you can view after the jump.


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