Misdirected Human Resource Attempt By Y&R

By SuperSpy 

Remember that whole Young & Rubicam SF portfolio review that we spoke about last week? Who knew there was an associated YouTube channel? Not us and apparently, nobody else either. With every video clocking under 40 views after two weeks, perhaps their marketing plan for this open call needs a tweak or two?

This is where you just want Y&R to go ahead with the open call, but use YouTube as a head hunting device. Rather than wait for kids to come to you, why not go to the kids? And when I say kids, I mean 18, 20, 30 year olds who didn’t take the advertising path because they were worried about their soul, but churning out some great content and rip-off spots. As everyone in this business says, the best talent is right under your nose. Bring ’em into the fold, yo.

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