Miracle Whip Offers $25K to Newlyweds/Divorcees

By Bob Marshall 

Divorce is generally no laughing matter. Really, marriage is no laughing matter either. So, why are Kraft Miracle Whip and McgarryBowen Chicago poking fun of both in a new campaign called “Not for Every Relationship?” Because just as marriage isn’t the right decision for everyone, not everyone likes Miracle Whip more than mayonnaise…or something like that.

Miracle Whip is offering 25 large to one lucky couple who submit an original video explaining how the condiment spread in some way held a marriage together or split it apart. We’re actually guessing a lot of couples submit videos to this contest, further proving that people will do anything for money. What does this have to do with Miracle Whip’s brand positioning at all? If you recall, after Miracle Whip failed at becoming the go-to condiment of the hip twenty-something urban target demographic, it chose to become “controversial,” which was first manifested in the brand’s “Take a Side” campaign from earlier this year.


The Huffington Post might be asking whether or not this campaign makes light of divorce, but perhaps all Kraft wants is people giving the brand any attention at all. If that’s gained by some sort of manufactured controversy, well, so be it?