MiO Composes a ‘Liquid Symphony’

By Bob Marshall 

Never heard of Kraft’s MiO? Officially, it’s a “liquid water enhancer,” offering six different flavors and color to your H2O experiences. Unofficially, it’s a powder-less, more portable Crystal Light without the Pixie Stick-like dispenser. And, if you’re feeling frisky, you can skip the water altogether and just squirt MiO straight into your mouth for that extra boost of fluid sweetness. Not that AgencySpy, MiO or agency SS+K is suggesting you do that. Makes you curious though, doesn’t it?

This new spot from SS+K finds the often overlooked sophistication of squirting a bottle of artificial sweetener into a glass of water. Honestly, I’m considering picking some MiO up today to give it a test run. Though recent SS+K addition Kash Sree officially joined as CCO in January and oversees the MiO account, the agency would like to note that work on the spot was “already in progress” before he came on board. Credits after the jump.

Copywriter: John Robb
Art Director: Andy Tider
Director of Production: John Swartz
Executive Producer: Kelly Fagan

Producer: Amanda McCroskery

Production co: Humble.TV

Director: Sam Stephens

Executive Producer: Persis Koch

Producer: Dana Discordia

Editorial: PS260

Editor: J.J. Lask

Sound: Search Party