Mike’s Hard Lemonade Brings Back Hard-to-Remember Celebrities

By Jordan Teicher 

Grey New York wants to tell you that “It’s Never Not a Good Time for a Refreshing Mike’s.” Excuse the double negative (what about “It’s Always a Good Time…?), but to draw your attention away from the grammatical errors, they included some very, very random celebrity cameos from actor Martin Landau and rapper Coolio. The 30-second spots include some random rhyming that leads to a series of non-sequitors, hence the random celebrities. Random is the only way to describe this campaign.

Before watching these spots, I hadn’t thought of Landau and Coolio in years. Both are stored away firmly in the Club for G-List Celebrities Who Will Never Be Famous Again. In Landau’s defense, he’s 84 and had a memorable run of “Entourage” a few years back (not to mention his Oscar-winning turn as Bela Lugosi in Ed Wood). Coolio is Coolio. They both picked up paychecks in return for a loss of dignity. That’s advertising for you. Check out the Coolio spot and credits after the jump.


Chief Creative Officer: Tor Myhren
Executive Creative Director:  Eric Segal
Creative Director: Brian Platt
CD/CW: Steven Fogel
CD/AD: Doug Fallon
Creatives: Robert Cuff, Matthew Nall
Director Broadcast Production: Bennett McCarroll
Agency Producer: John Hilmer
Agency Music Producer: Donald McNally
Account: Chris Ross, Rakesh Talwar, Kara DeBuona, Scott Cohen
Planning: Todd Sussman
Project Manager: Erin Bremmer