Microsoft, Deutsch NY Celebrate Technology with Faces, Some Talking

By Bob Marshall 

Maybe you don’t know what “cloud power” means, or why Microsoft would be advertising something they speak somewhat vaguely about while using the most ethnically diverse cast possible. In actuality, these people are talking about the usefulness of “cloud computing,” or being able to control and access data or software services over the internet or corporate networks. Of course, if you’re the kind of non-techie small business owner or PC user intrigued by this ad from Deutsch NY, you would have no idea what “cloud” is or assume it’s some new OS prone to crashing all of the time like Windows.

To be honest, having business people talk excitedly about technology in a confusing way can be done right, as IBM has proven for the last decade. It’s this kind of advertising that makes Microsoft seem out of touch with its consumer base, especially considering competitors like Apple are still having giant store openings across the U.S. that cause mini-holidays to spontaneously occur in the streets. (Chicagoans, have you seen that Lincoln Park store Apple just opened? That thing is insane.)

While cloud computing is actually pretty awesome, Microsoft found a way to make it boring and confusing. For their next effort in the Cloud Power movement, we demand some explanation, some action sequences, a smidgen of humor and a website that doesn’t look like this.