Michelangelo’s a Marketing Maverick in AICP CFE Promo

By Michael Musco 

Complementing last week’s announce of Brian Carmody as chairman of the AICP Show is this pretty clever clip that’s part of a promotional campaign supporting the call for entries launch.

A team of students at the VCU Brandcenter crafted this effort dubbed, “All Art is Advertising,” which plays off of normal agency case studies and posits how masterpieces revolutionized brands.


The piece above entitled “Sistine Chapel” shows how Catholicism, facing competition from other religions and figures, was revitalized thanks to a certain artist named Michelangelo, who created a 12,000 square-foot installation in a church and put the Vatican back on top.

The VCU kids even highlight stats, including how turning the Catholic Church into a work of art increased traffic by over 800 percent, revenue increased over 300,000 silver coins, and Catholicism received more media than all other religions combined. Pretty brilliant and the hip music is a nice touch.