Michael K. Williams Reflects on Brooklyn Life for 1800 Tequila

By Kiran Aditham 

If the name Michael Kenneth Williams doesn’t ring a bell, perhaps you know him best as Omar from HBO’s seminal series The Wire or as Chalky White on Boardwalk Empire.

Now, the actor switches gears to continue 1800 Tequila’s “Enough Said” campaign, which previously starred other former gangsters Ray Liotta and The Sopranos alum Michael Imperioli.

In this latest installment for the tequila brand courtesy of Portland, Maine’s own VIA Agency, Williams goes into a lengthy tale about his upbringings in the East Flatbush neighborhood in Brooklyn.

It’s a nice detour from the “tough guy” Liotta spots, sporting confession over confrontation. Williams himself says in a statement:

“1800 Tequila champions an aura of uncompromising toughness – something I couldn’t have grown up without on the streets of Brooklyn. As an actor I’m ecstatic to be shooting back in my neighborhood and telling my real story to 1800 Tequila fans.”

After this ad, MKW might as well take on a second career reading every audio book around.