Message of the Day: Sad Bastard Edition

By Kiran Aditham 

Here it is, verbatim:

“I am not the most award-winning or famous creative around. Still, I have my strengths and a few big names in the industry have praised my work. However, during a long job search, I experienced just how irresponsible and back-stabbing the ad industry can be. It didn’t seem to matter who I talked to, or where I looked. I was treated as a meaningless and ultimately disposable lump of flesh. I even interviewed at agencies far less remarkable than my previous employers, and they still treated me like they were masters of the universe. I finally landed a good position in the creative department of a strong midlevel agency. I can tell you this agency does WAY better work and employs better people than 90% of the other agencies I interviewed at.


If a creative is currently in the unfortunate position I was in, do not assume that you’re not good enough to work at the agencies turning you down. It very well could be you are too good for them.”


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