Merkley & Partners, Mercedes-Benz Imagine Vintage Roger Federer

By Erik Oster 

Merkley & Partners launched a new spot for Mercedes-Benz imagining tennis star Roger Federer in different eras, entitled “Roger Federer and the SL. Timeless Legends.”

The mockumentary-style spot opens on the host of the “Legends of the Game” segment introducing Federer, followed by black and white footage of 50s-style Federer, complete with pomade, white linen and a classic Mercedes. As the spot progresses into other eras it pays homage to other tennis greats, with Federer cursing and abusing water coolers a la John McEnroe and later aping the likes of Andre Agassi and Björn Borg

For each version of the star, the agency and B-Reel Films director Jeffery Plansker manage to work in the era’s version of the Mercedes-Benz SL. At times this feels a bit forced, the intent of the mockumentary device to show how the vehicle has held its quality over time a bit too apparent. The mokcumentary format itself feels a bit flat at its worst moments, as well. But the spot also includes some pretty entertaining/off-the-wall moments, with Federer posing suggestively with racket (sans shirt) and as Agassi answering an oversized phone coming to mind. 

AGENCY: Merkley & Partners
CEO/Partner: Alex Gellert
Chief Creative Officer/Partner: Andy Hirsch
EVP, Group Creative Head: Chris Landi
Creative Director: Kirk Mosel
Senior Producer: Alex Kobak
Account Director: Francesco Deluca


Director: Jeffery Plansker
Executive Producer: Michael McQuhae
Producer: Jay Shapiro
Director of Photography: Neil Shapiro
Editor: Noah Hertzog