Mercedes Malfunctions In New E-Class Spot

By Kiran Aditham 

Whoops. Autoblog informs us of a new spot for Mercedes E-Class that kicks off with the flattering image above for what’s supposedly the “most advanced” automobile on the market. Thanks heavens for system checks, eh?

After the Mercedes team scrambled to block access to the video on YouTube (the salvaged version can be viewed here), they did some damage control with this statement:


“During the filming of our latest E Class television advert, the vehicle was significantly altered to create an environment conducive to filming the interior of the vehicle. As is typical in such a situation, doors and seats were removed and a number of features deactivated in order to allow the camera rig access. The vehicle’s safety sensors performed exactly as they should and activated a warning signal indicating a disruption of the vehicle’s Supplemental Restraint System.

The fact that the image — which is visible only in a frame by frame review of the ad i.e. not by the naked eye — was not edited out of the advertisement was an oversight and has subsequently been corrected.The E Class is the most tested car we have ever launched and reaches the highest quality levels we have ever produced.

While this is a mistake in the editing process it is in no way a reflection on the quality or durability of the E-Class.”

No word if Mercedes’ US lead agency Merkley+Partners is involved, but one can ascertain that the fault lies more with the production company anyways.

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