Mentos Continues Fairly Provocative Streak with Juxtaposed Print Effort

By Kiran Aditham 

Yeah, yeah, Breaking Bad mashup aside, we can appreciate that Mentos has become a bit randier over the summer as “the freshmaker” has followed up its “do the deed and make some babies effort” from Singapore earlier this month with a Stateside print campaign brought to you by the Martin Agency. You can call this Mentos and its Richmond, VA AOR’s version of contextual advertising as fairly naughty ads will launch next week in various mags including Maxim, InTouch, People and Sports Illustrated that go hand-in-hand with the content within.  We received four ads in all, though only three will be appearing in multiple publications (the raciest one above will, aptly enough, stay put in Maxim). Check out one below and one more after the jump along with credits.


Client: Mentos

Agency: The Martin Agency

Executive Creative Director: Joe Alexander

Creative Director/Copywriter: Mike Lear

Associate Creative Director/Art Director: Dustin Artz

Senior Art Producer: Cindy Hicks

Executive Print Producer:  Jenny Schoenherr

Senior Strategic Planner: Kevin Rothermel

Senior Account Executive: Stephanie Shaw

Account Executive: Beau Brown

Photographer: Todd Wright

Talent: modelogic [Wilhelmina]

Creative Imaging:  Alice Blue