Meineke Rebrands With Help from Pitch, Robby Novak

By Erik Oster 

For their first rebranding effort in 40 years, Meineke has enlisted the help of YouTube sensation Robby Novak, better known as “Kid President.” Novak is cast as Meineke’s “Kid Mechanic” for the new campaign “Drive A Little Smarter,” developed by Pitch, which features television spots, outdoor, print and digital marketing. But the rebranding doesn’t stop there, extending even to a new logo and uniforms.

The short TV spots — “Transmission,” “Oil Change” and “General Car Care” — are simple yet effective (and propelled by music from a certain Devo member).  “Drive A Little Smarter” (which also functions as Meineke’s new tagline) seeks to educate customers on how short-term maintenance can prevent long-term issues (and thus save you money). They seem to be built around Novak’s natural charm and funny facial expressions, with an almost off-the-cuff feel. Banking on Novak’s charm and familiarity seems like a pretty safe bet, after all this is a kid who has tacked up over 20 million YouTube views. Novak doesn’t stray far from the humorous optimism he perfected with his viral YouTube work for SoulPancake, and his familiarity should work to Meineke’s advantage, keeping TV viewers in the room when they recognize “Kid President.” Child actors can go from charming to annoying pretty quickly, but it’s hard to imagine anyone hating on the winsome “Kid Mechanic.” I’m sure the comments section will prove me wrong, though. Credits and second video after the jump. 



Client:  Meineke

Campaign: Drive A Little Smarter TV

Spots: “Oil/:30”, “Transmissions/:10”, “General Car Care/:30”, “Fluids/:10”,


Agency: Pitch

Agency: Pitch

CEO: Jon Banks

President: Rachel Spiegelman

Executive Creative Director: Xanthe Wells

Creative Director: Julie Gordon

Copywriter: Andrew Ciacco (Transmissions, General Car Care, Fluids, Brakes)

Copywriter: Rebbie Groesbeck (Oil)

Art Director: Mai Nakamura

SVP Finance, Operations and Production: Pej Sabet

VP Executive Producer: Spiro Kafarakis

Producer:  Lorraine Kraus

Group Account Director: Katherine Stout

Account Supervisor:  Tyler Lesch

Business Affairs Manager: Audra Brown

Business Affairs Manager: Lupe Ramos


Production Co.:  Go Films

Director:   Jeff Tomsic

Director of Photography: Jordan Levy

President / Owner:  Gary Rose

Executive Producer: Catherine Finkenstaedt

Line Producer: Mark Hyatt

Shoot Location: Culver City, California

Shoot Date: 7.23.13, 7.24.13

Post Production

Editorial Company: Bicep Productions

Sr. Editor: Peter Judson

Editor: Mike Campbell

Post Producer:   Deanna Salvaryn

Color / Online / Animation: Terry Politis

Mixer: Stacey Hempel (Oil and Transmissions)

Mixer :  Dona Richardson (Fluid, General Care Care, Brakes)

Music & Sound Design

Search Party Music

“Transmissions”, “Oil”, “Fluids”, “General Care Care”,

Composer:  Mark Mothersbaugh care of Mutato Muzika