Meet Robert Roberto Roberto, the ‘World’s Greatest Referee’

By Bob Marshall 

Ignited launched a new series of web spots for Konami’s new sports video game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2012. The self-proclaimed “most realistic depiction of the game” has its work cut out for itself, competing in a space long ruled over by EA’s popular FIFA series. So, in order to set PES 12 apart from its competition, Ignited created Robert Roberto Roberto, the “world’s greatest referee.” As a “Robert” myself, I approve of the name selection.

Roberto’s job is not done on the field, as the soccer ref feels compelled to give people red and yellow cards whenever he sees fit and in whatever environment a “foul” is committed. This apparently includes people trying to cheat the 10 items or less line at the grocery store. Maybe it’s just the white beard or being referred to as “the world’s greatest” person in his chosen profession, but Roberto certainly has a Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” vibe, doesn’t he? In any case, Roberto takes his refereeing job seriously, which Ignited seems to favor over showing little to no PES 12 game play in these spots. Watch two more spots below and view credits after the jump. (Really? Only a yellow card for a nut punch?)


Agency: Ignited
Client: Konami, Pro Evolution Soccer
VP/Group Creative Director: Jordan Atlas
VP/Group Creative Director: Troy Scarlott
Art Director: Jose Eslinger
Copywriter: Carissa Zaino
Executive Producer: Diego España
VP/Account Services: Robb Hittner
Account Executive: Micaela Weinstein
Editorial: Ignited
Editor: Kenneth Dodge
Director: Jason Zada
Director of Photography: Arlene Nelson
Production Company: Tool of North America