Meet Guy Holiday, Agency Holiday Card Guru

By Erik Oster 

LA-based agency Ignited created one of the best agency holiday cards of the year by turning to  holiday card guru (and sloth enthusiast) Guy Holiday. Holiday lays down some agency holiday card rules that we hope agencies everywhere will take to heart, while also managing to make us laugh and share his love for sloths.

Ignited describes Guy Holiday as “if BuzzFeed had a baby with Ron Burgundy and then that baby was raised by, well, Agency Spy.” We’re not entirely sure how to take that description, but we think Holiday is a funny character with some good advice regarding agency holiday cards. Guy’s first rule is to “always include a cute animal” because “animals are like mother nature’s stuffed animals.”

This seems like some pretty solid advice. Everybody likes animals, and including one makes your card more memorable. This should be a new requirement for submitting holiday cards: if you don’t have an animal in your video, don’t bother. Preferred animals include foxes, cats and sloths. In denouement, Guy says, “The holidays are about reflection.” Have one sloth? You can use reflection to make it look like there are two sloths. We’re glad Guy brought this up: we have not seen enough reflection in holiday cards this year, so please take his advice and throw a bunch of mirrors into your holiday card next year. Or a bunch of sloths, either way.

Ignited will donate five cents to the American Red Cross for every view, up to $2,500. So, share this video with your friends and co-workers, and help Ignited raise some money for a good cause. It’s funny and it’s only about three minutes long, so you don’t really have any excuses. And please consult Guy’s handful of rules before making any holiday cards.