MDC Wants to Build the PR Version of CP+B

By Matt Van Hoven 

Watch out, world, MDC Partners has invested in Attention Partners LLC, a social media marketing and communications agency. Our sibling site PRNewser reported the story yesterday.

Attention founder Curtis Hougland wrote on Attention’s blog about why his company partnered with MDC:


“Well, we are at an inflection point in social media, the shift from early adopter to early majority, a horizontal skill set requiring more and more vertical market expertise. Our appetite for data is voracious; the role of technology in marketing is exploding; our clients are smarter; we require talent equally skilled in data and conversation; and we found a partner who respects our idiosyncratic identity, our DNA. Unlike most potential partners, they respect our entrepreneurship, and won’t, one day, wake-up and join us with an advertising agency. They get it.”

PRWeek later reported that “MDC Partners is looking to find ‘the next Crispin Porter & Bogusky of PR,’ according to chairman and CEO Miles Nadal.”

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