MDC Is For Sale?

By SuperSpy 

So, rumors are everywhere that MDC is going up for sale. We call bullshit, but here’s the story: In the June issue of Fast Company, the magazine for those on the bleeding edge of business (guffaw), recently reported on the shop’s Microsoft work. Over six pages, you get your fill of all things Bogusky, all things Andrew Keller and Crispin culture.

You’ve heard it all before. Boy genius and all that. What is more interesting is the quote coming from co-Chairman Chuck Porter who said:


“If you’ve got someone who wants to come and buy the whole thing right now, we can talk – the whole ball of wax, the whole MDC.”

Crispin went on record in AdAge to deny the Porter’s insinuation. In fact, spokepeople from MDC along with Porter have slammed the journalist who wrote the piece, Danielle Sacks.

“During that part of the interview,” Mr. Porter said,
“we were talking about the financial community’s view of MDC. …What we were really talking about was some of the conversations that were happening in some realms of the financial community, and I was relating things that we had heard. I wasn’t really talking about what we think. In that sense, it was definitely out of context.” He added: “The truth is, I don’t even remember saying that.”

Okay, you KNOW he said that shit. Trust.

Meanwhile, Fast Company is standing by Sacks’ reporting.

“After reviewing the transcript of conversation, Fast Company believes his words were neither taken out of context nor even ambiguous. We stand by our story.”

How did Porter mean it? He meant it like, “I’m unhappy with MDC and I’m gonna out there on this limb and what?” In the article, Chuck goes onto point out he thinks MDC shouldn’t be public and that the company is not designed to achieve quarter-to-quarter growth. So, you know… where else is going to vent? We’re sure Bogusky is tired of hearing about MDC’s leadership, about how CP+B made a pretty shitty deal in the long run and how is shop is holding up their profit margins.

Hell. You gotta put that anger somewhere, no?