McKinney Ruins Integrity of Battle for Mentos

By Erik Oster 

McKinney continues in the wacky route with their new spot for Mentos, the 30-second “Never Surrender.”

“Never Surrender,” which marks both the first U.S. television spot for Mentos Gum and the first work for Mentos out of McKinney’s New York office, is set at an actual medieval castle and employs Monty Python and the Holy Grail-style goofiness. The hero of the ad is a happy-go-lucky soldier who is impaled by a dozen or so arrows but will not surrender until his gum loses its freshness. “You are ruining the integrity of battle!” exclaims a disgruntled enemy combatant. The spot ends by introducing the new tagline, “Long Last the Fresh.” While not quite funny, the ad does succeed at least at being memorable for its utter goofiness, and it’s easy to imagine a certain type of viewer repeating the “You are ruining the integrity of battle!” line, so the spot could work to spread awareness for Mentos’ new-ish product. Stick around for credits after the jump.Credits:


Chief Creative Officer: Jonathan Cude

Executive Creative Director: Peter Nicholson

Copywriter: Zac Milner

Art Director: Cody Pate

Producer: Brian Fox


Production Company: Hungry Man

Director: Steve Bendelack

Executive Producer: James Covill

Producer: Pamela Asbury


Edit Co: Fluid

Editor: John Piccolo

Executive Producer: Laura Relovsky


Music: Butter

Executive Producer: Ian Jeffreys