McKinney Flushes North Carolina’s HB2 ‘Bathroom Bill’ Down the Toilet

By Erik Oster 

Durham-based agency McKinney–like a lot of level-headed fans of civil rights–is not exactly happy with the legislated bigotry that is their home state of North Carolina’s House Bill 2, which requires individuals to use restrooms associated with the sex they were born with, rather than the gender they identify with (forcing a trans woman, for example, to use the men’s room).

Civil liberties advocates have been vocal in their opposition of the bill, and both Pearl Jam and Bruce Springsteen canceled scheduled shows in the state to voice their opposition. The state has also lost business from PayPal and Google Ventures funding for startups thanks to the bill.

Well, McKinney thinks they’ve found a proper place for the controversial piece of legislation: in the toilet. They created “Flush HB2” for the organization Stop HB2, which posits that the best thing to do with the bill is to read it, wipe your ass with it, and flush it down the toilet. That’s at least more logical than the bill itself.

Inspired by advocacy groups like Equality NC and Human Rights Campaign, McKinney told AdFreak it launched the effort “because we value equality, diversity, inclusion and human rights … and we don’t care which [bathroom] you feel most comfortable using.” 


“We tried to create something that could stand as a visual for what many North Carolinians think about the bill,” added group creative director Will Chambliss. “We hope people read it and then, well, you know the rest.”

So far, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory has resisted all pleas to revisit the bill. Hopefully North Carolina voters give him the flush in November.