McGarryBowen Promotes Cooke to Global Biz Dev Role

By Kiran Aditham 

Yesterday, we received a memo sent by Gordon Bowen that announced the promotion of Brandon Cooke, who has spent the last two-plus years at McGarryBowen as director of business development in the New York office. Well, it looks like Cooke’s title just got a little fancier as he will now serve as managing director, global business development. Here, let ol’ Gordon explain and read the rest of the memo after the jump:

“As we expand our global network with the opening of the London and Dusseldorf mcgarrybowen offices–with more to come–we are making an important change in how we approach New Business development. While each mcgarrybowen office will continue to have their own New Business lead, we are pleased to announce that Brandon Cooke will now be responsible for global new business development for prospective clients whose business requires multiple offices from the mcgarrybowen network working in concert. Effective today, I am proud to announce a new title for Brandon Cooke, which is Managing Director, Global Business Development. Brandon will report directly to me in this new position.

As mcgarrybowen grows internationally, it is extremely important that the agency is synergized across all agency locations and disciplines in order to effectively win the global assignments that we covet. This new role will include Brandon’s current responsibilities leading the New York office New Business development. Brandon has been with the agency since March 2010 and has contributed greatly to our new business success. As part of these new responsibilities, Brandon will also coordinate all of our dealings with the press worldwide.

Please join me in congratulating Brandon on this important new post for our expanding global operation.”

Prior to McGarryBowen, Cooke held business development posts at the likes of Grey and Gotham.