mcgarrybowen New York Launched a Series of Jeep Spots for the Third Debate

By Erik Oster 

Before or after reaching for the Excedrin Wednesday night, you may have noticed mcgarrybowen New York’s new election-themed ads for Jeep.

The 15-second spots, which made their broadcast debuts during CNN’s pre-debate coverage and MSNBC’s pre and post-debate coverage last night, feature a similar split-screen approach to the campaign’s debut spot last month.

Said approach allows the brand to speak to either side of the political aisle simultaneously. Each spot also shows off a different Grand Cherokee feature, such as “Parallel Park Assist” which concludes with the message “How to position yourself between two sides” as a woman parks using the feature and slaps a donkey bumper sticker on her vehicle and a man does the same but with an elephant.

Another spot, “Quadra Lift Air Suspension” seems to make an actual reference to this political cycle, albeit in a way unlikely to offend anyone, with the line “Take the high road, even when there isn’t one.” The approach in both cases is quick to the point and inoffensive and, given its debut slot, timely.

Other spots deal with the vehicle’s safety and off-road features in similar fashion.


“We wanted to bring to life the two ‘souls’ of the brand—the freedom upon which the brand has been rooted since 1941, and the adventurous American spirit that propels the brand forward today,”Fiat Chrysler CMO Olivier Francois told Adweek, adding that “the presidential campaign allowed us to add one more dimension, or another layer.”

Client: FCA U.S. – Jeep brand
CEO: Sergio Marchionne
Chief Marketing Officer, FCA – Global: Olivier Francois
Director of FCA U.S. Brand Advertising: Marissa Hunter
Head of Jeep Advertising: Kim Adams House
Jeep Advertising Manager: Nicole Pesale

Agency: mcgarrybowen New York
Chief Creative Officer: Matthew Bull
Executive Creative Director: James Cheung
Executive Creative Director: Cliff Skeetie
Copywriters: Annie Egan, Kent Koren, Peter Min, Jesse Custodio
Art Directors: Luke Partridge, Chris Park
Executive Producer: Dan Fried
Managing Director, Integrated Production & Design: Dante Piacenza
Managing Director of Music Production: Jerry Krenach
Music Producer: Stephen Stallings
Music Licensing Supervisor: Jonathan Hecht
Director of Talent Services: Sue Ayson
Business Manager: Barbara Silverstein
Group Managing Director: Lindsey Schmidt
Account Director: Lauren Bronchtein
Account Supervisor: Brittney McDonald
Account Executive: Christina Harman

Production Company: Superprime Films
Managing Director: Rebecca Skinner
Managing Director: Michelle Ross
Executive Producer: Colleen O’Donnell
Director: Sam Bayer
Editorial Company: Whitehouse Editorial
Editor: Josh Bodnar
Assistant Editor: Alejandro Villagran
Producer: Nick Crane

VFX Company: Framestore
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Matte Painting: Quimet Delgado
Compositing Team: Jamie Scott, Greg Cutler, Chihcheng Peng, Jose Arauz, Elaina Brillantes