mcgarrybowen CCO Takes Sabbatical to Film His Passion Project

By Patrick Coffee 

Despite what you may have heard, mcgarrybowen Chicago CCO Ned Crowley is not leaving the agency where he’s worked for the past eight years.

He is, however, taking a sabbatical in order to work on his passion project: a film called Middle Man starring Jim O’Heir, better known as Jerry/Garry/Larry Gergich of NBC’s recently departed Parks and Recreation.

Here’s a teaser:


…and here’s Crowley with O’Heir on set:

middle man 1

The Kickstarter page for the movie, which describes it as “a violent comedy” involving a possibly accidental “killing spree” on the way to Vegas, has been up for some time (which may be why rumors of Crowley’s departure reached us).

According to its own data, the film is very close to its March 12th funding goal — and the news regarding Crowley’s sabbatical indicates that it will definitely be made. The page also notes that Andrew J West, who apparently plays a role on The Walking Dead, has signed on for the project.

In explaining the film, Crowley writes:

“Middle Man is a labor of love script I wrote specifically for Jim a few years back.  I recently pulled it out of mothballs because I finally gave in to that little voice in my head that kept saying, ‘What are you waiting for?  You’ve been writing scripts for years.  Why not go out and shoot one for cryinooutloud?!'”

Crowley will continue to serve as mcgarrybowen Chicago CCO and “remain actively engaged in the business” while completing the film; he’s expected to return to his position full-time at the end of the summer.