McGarry Bowen And Adrian Keevil

By SuperSpy 

Lewis Lazare, the all seeing czar of The Chicago Sun Times’ advertising section, decided to profile McGarry Bowen today. The five year old New York shop is opening a location in Chicago, which will kick off with a full-time staff of five. The team will be led by former Leo Burnetters Ned Crowley and Jon Moore, who had both lost faith in the shop.

Lazare, who can be scathing, applies a nicer approach to McGarry Bowen. He describes managing director, Adrian Keevil, as “suavely demure.” Possible, but he did engage in the not so demure practice of having his wedding announcement to Alieda Hempstead de Havenon in the NYT.


Lazare also points out that MB is sliding into a Chicago at

“opportune moment, as many of the city’s biggest shops have struggled in recent years to hold on to existing clients and pull in new ones.”

Keevil said that:

“We’re a big-brand agency with Midwestern sensibilities.” By “Midwestern,” Keevil seems to mean the agency tends to be more “optimistic” in its approach both to running an ad agency and to the advertising it creates.”

The shop opens with three clients on the roster:

“Chase, whose retail business remains headquartered in Chicago; Kraft, one of the nation’s top 20 advertisers in terms of expenditures, and the Disney theme parks and resorts.”