McGann|Zhang Remind Rock Stars Everywhere to Use Less Water

By Patrick Coffee 

Happy PSA Day, everyone.

Last month, the recently-formed McGann | Zhang (which consists of former W+K creative director Geoff McGann and his partner/one-time JWT intern Yichi Zhang) offered up some soothing meditations on oceanfront life for L.A. nonprofit Heal the Bay.

The duo’s dedication to their local environment goes deeper than that, however. Earlier this year they launched their own charity org, called The Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation, along with “a small group of environmentally concerned Angelenos.”

They also created a broadcast campaign, which launched last night in local markets, to promote the org and its efforts to help California end a long-running drought.

In the first spot, “The Actress” is a stock character you will probably recognize: the narcissistic, self-righteous Hollywood star who seems to have no idea how much her lavish lifestyle is damaging the local environment.

She thinks she can get away with not paying the people she hires to provide a basic service. What is she, a holding company?

Next comes an even more reprehensible cardboard cutout: an aging, accented rock star married to his outdoor pool.

Our main questions after viewing this campaign would be, “Do these sorts of people really still live in L.A.?” and “What did Ozzy ever do to anyone?!”

If you want to support the new organization, you may (soon) visit the merch page to buy an “I’m drinking shower water” bottle. It’s a California thing.

Also: use less water. Thanks.


Agency: McGann/Zhang

Creative Director: Geoff McGann
Executive Producer: Yichi Zhang
Writers: Geoff McGann / Ben Marsh
Art Director: Chase Grammer
Production Company: McGann/Zhang
Director: Geoff McGann
Producer: Stephen Lattanzi