McGann | Zhang Raises Drought Awareness With Tony Hawk, Iconic Skaters

By Erik Oster 

McGann | Zhang launched a new campaign for its Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation aiming to raise awareness and affect change surrounding the devastating drought in Southern California. 

A lengthy online video called “Dust Bowl Disciples” makes the connection between a similar (but not as severe) drought that hit the area in 1976 and the skateboarding subculture of California. That drought left empty pools scattered throughout the area, which led innovators such as Tony Alva to adapt and develop a new kind of vertical skateboarding making use of the pools. Tony Hawk communicates his appreciation for Alva and other pioneers who led the way for Hawk’s and future generations, for which local skate parks were never far off. It’s an interesting connection to conservation efforts and a look at a formative period in skateboarding, even if the runtime drags a bit (the video runs around five minutes long). Hopefully it can convince a few viewers to drain their pools and get out their skateboards.

“The drought is the most critical environmental issue we are facing here in LA and it’s imperative that everyone who lives here work together to improve this situation,” said founder Geoff McGann. “Our goal is to move this issue forward, and it was a true honor to work with these legendary skaters as we continue to find ways to bring this issue to the forefront and most importantly – make a difference.”



Client: Los Angeles Coalition for Water Conservation
Agency: McGann | Zhang
Creative Director: Geoff McGann
Writer: Ben Marsh
Art Directors: Armando Ceron/Nomin Boutchard
Agency Producers: Matthew King/David Carnie, Stephen J. Lattanzi
Production Company: McGann | Zhang
Executive Producer: Yichi Zhang
Director: Geoff McGann
Line Producer: Stephen J. Lattanzi
Camera Operators: Geoff McGann/Meena Singh/Buddy Coan/Rick Charnoski
Archival Footage: Six Stair
Editors: Nomin Boutchard/Ben Marsh
Music/Mix: Mark Vieha/Steve Alba
Color/Flame: Company 3
Animation: Michael Delaney