McGann Zhang Celebrates NYC Pride Month With Sad Love Story

By Erik Oster Comment

McGann Zhang celebrates NYC Pride Month with a sad, touching love story ripe with implication.

The 60-second video opens on two women running through the woods to an open field. Context clues, such as their clothing and a brief glimpse of an old car, establish the time period as well within the past. The couple shares a few happy moments together in the field, until a male authority figure of some kind shouts for one of the women to leave. The two share a kiss before one of them scrambles off. Her lover watches as she runs away and for a moment appears as if she is going to shout out to her, which is followed (in an illustration of perfect pacing) by the message, “Shout for those who couldn’t.” It’s a simple but powerful message, which McGann Zhang manage to tell with elegance and restraint, without any words whatsoever.