McDonald’s U.K. Has Had It with Your Damned Artisanal Coffee

By Patrick Coffee 

What does it take to order a simple cup of coffee, eh?? The answer in Great Britain appears to be “a fuck of a lot.”

Leo Burnett London made use of our overly fussy cultural moment to “gently lampoon urban hipster coffee culture” in a new McDonald’s campaign that might as well run with the tagline “We Have The Beans.”

This reminds us of that time we spent more than two weeks in Italy, and the coffee we had when we got back home was the best thing ever.

And yeah, we totally don’t get why everyone has to order some weird pumpkin latte mini-shot espresso topped with cinnamon spice or whatever. A simple coffee will suffice.

Creative director Matt Lee said, “We’re reminding people that if you’re simply after a great tasting cup of coffee, without the fuss, then McDonald’s is the place for you. If you prefer an artisanal Amazonian blend, served with a rumour of yak’s milk in a reclaimed jam jar, then you might want to go somewhere else.”

LOL, but then when has McDonald’s ever been known for its coffee?

Also kind of odd that an ad decrying hipsters picked Madness for its backing track. Maybe even the basic bros in London fall for that old-school ska flavor.


Creative Director: Matt Lee and Pete Hayes
Art Director: Matt Lee and Pete Hayes
Copywriter: Matt Lee and Pete Hayes

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