McDonald’s U.K. and Leo Burnett Don’t Understand South Carolina at All

By Patrick Coffee 

Full first-person disclosure: I am from South Carolina. The people who made the latest McDonald’s U.K. campaign are not.

Leo Burnett launched the new work earlier this month, and it just attracted the attention of some Palmetto State media outlets, which are very curious about the U.K.’s vision of the way we do things down South.

So, Dollywood is in Tennessee. And cowboy hats are a Texas thing. You know who was from South Carolina, though? James Fucking Brown.

One reader of our former hometown Charleston City Paper notes:

I remember seeing signs for the various states of “American burgers” at Maccies a few years ago. Each and every one looked so hilariously off-base, I wondered it if it weren’t on purpose. I haven’t laughed so much at a sandwich since I was taught to pronounce bologna.

Bless your dang heart, we reckon it might just be on purpose too. The tangy BBQ sauce is right, but where is the cole slaw?

On that note, the Tennessee version looks a bit more like the Florida panhandle. Or Myrtle Beach Bike Week, if we’re still talking Cackalacky. Kenny Powers!

And New York is a baseball town … Which is kind of true since both of our football teams play in Jersey.

We expected these spots to be a little more extreme, honestly. Where are the Civil War re-enactments and the women selling sweetgrass baskets by the side of Highway 17?