McDonald’s Turns 60 in Germany with Help of Russian Clown

By Kiran Aditham 

From Deutschland with love comes this rather tender spot from three-year-old Leo Burnett hybrid agency Thjnk Tank, which celebrates the fast-food giant’s 60th anniversary in Germany by spotlighting a clown.

That’s not just any clown, mind you, but one Oleg Popov, an 84-year-old Russian known as the “Sunshine Clown” who’s been entertaining audiences since the 1950’s.


As the 90-second ad shows us, though, age is just a state of mind when it comes to Popov, whose arduous yet rewarding day in the life we see unfold from backstage prep to showtime to–who would’ve guessed it–an end-of-day meal at McDonald’s and a seat across Ronald himself. With the aid of the soft-petaled soundtrack, it’s a subtle and poetic ending to a spot that’s a marked change of pace from Mickey D campaigns we’re accustomed to here in the States. Perhaps it’s time we took a cue.

Also of note: unlike every other recent ad in the chain’s rebranding campaign, this one includes images of real people eating its food.

Agency: Leo’s thjnk tank
Chief Creative Officer: Armin Jochum
Chief Creative Officer: Andreas Pauli
Creative Supervision: Georg Baur
Creative Supervision: Torben Otten
Creative Supervision: Florian Weber
Creative Supervision: Armin Jochum
Creative Direction: Torben Otten
Creative Direction: Georg Baur
TV Producer: Thomas Nabbefeld
TV Producer: Marcus Wetschewald

Director: Alex Feil
Film Production: tempomedia filmproduktion gmbh
DOP: Antonio Palladino
Producer: Vera Portz
Producer: Justin Mundhenke
Music: Supreme Music