McDonald’s Employs a Talking Lemon

By Bob Marshall 

What better way to launch your line of premium frozen drinks than with the help of former Sopranos star Steve Schirripa? Yep, that Lemon doubled as fictional TV mobster in a past life, and now its pushing McDonald’s new fruity drinks right in time for the summer. Why make premium chilled drinks? Well, as I’m sure DDB Chicago can tell you, the McDonald’s right across the street from Wrigley Field will sell these like crazy as the heat turns up in the Windy City.

The Frozen Strawberry Lemonade campaign also features some fun, animated online work from Tribal DDB where the talking lemon embraces its roots (literally) and narrates what happens when life gives you lemons. Sure, it might not be the most innovative, grandiose campaign we’ve seen from Mickey D’s, but at least it gets us in the mood for what will hopefully be a summer to remember. It’s cute, so don’t over-think it. Credits after the jump.


EVP, Chief Creative Officer – Ewan Paterson
SVP, Group Creative Director – Bill Cimino
VP, Creative Director – Nancy Jordan
SVP, Executive Director of Integrated Production – Diane Jackson
Associate Creative Director/Copywriter – Tim Nichols
Associate Creative Director/Art Director – Carol Hillinger
Production Manager – Joann Baker

Group Creative Director: Jim Marcus
Associate Creative Director: Brian Trecka
Sr. Copywriter: Deb Pahl
Sr. Art Director: Josh McGuire
Sr. Interactive Producer: Stephanie Skinner
Project Manager: Laura Knudson
Tech Lead: Justin Hood
Account Supervisor: Julie Griffin
Social Media Strategist: Tony Wood
Business Director: Jaime Guerrero